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Jewelry making is my link to everything beautiful, creative, and inspired by nature. Like many young girls, I had a keen interest in clothing and accessories, but never gaining a mastery of that fickle sewing machine, I immediately took to jewelry making and its “error free” construction process.

For me, jewelry making started as a hobby, simply trying to recreate pieces with a desire for accuracy in reproduction. However, this soon gave way to a giddy creativity and my greatest happiness was receiving a shipment of wire and colorful glass to play with. All the designs I had been attracted to were mixing in my head and becoming my own unique style. Forever drawn to classic construction, intricate design, and natural elements, I have begun a love affair with wire wrapping and the many options it provides for construction. I feel as though there is nothing I cannot create, as long as I have my trusty spool of wire in my hand.

Once I had mastered using aluminum wire to create geometric and organic shapes, I turned my thoughts to adding color to my collection. Drawing on some of my favorite childhood memories of vacations on the coast, I started incorporating cultured sea glass into my designs. My favorite colors can be found in all the pieces of magically luminescent cultured sea glass. I love to sort through the pieces of chunky, deeply hued glass, selecting colors and shapes that coordinate well together to create a unique, one of a kind piece of art. These pieces have further expanded into a line of OOAK items which incorporate sea glass and semi-precious stones.

Due to the time involved in making each handcrafted piece, I prefer to use only aluminum wire. Aluminum is pliable enough to be shaped into even the most elaborate designs yet once hammered, it provides dependable strength and durability. Aluminum does not tarnish so you can be sure your pieces will be shiny and bright for years to come. And best of all, aluminum is feather light so you can wear all of your pieces in comfort without any irritation to the earlobes that can be associated with heavier metals. Earrings are hung from nickel free French ear wires and include a rubber backing for added security. All necklaces measure 18” in length and feature black leather cording and a handmade eye and hook clasp.

Making beautiful pieces from raw materials such as aluminum wire and cultured sea glass is such a rewarding experience. It is amazing how lovely things can be when you look at them from a different angle or repurpose something that previously had no beauty in the eyes of others. Hopefully, these pieces will inspire others to see things with new eyes as well.

Rhonda Manning Owner / Designer

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